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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
i don't know how I missed this continuing until I just read a message from someone else on it. Tyburn, you missed my point. I didn't say I thought a person's salvation is reflected by their public confession. After all a person's actions speak louder than words. It seems the point was missed completely. Have you ever heard the song "Who I Am Hates who I've Been"? That's song really says it all.

I know we are all flawed. By no means do I fail to see the plank in my own eye. But I think any person who professes Jesus as their Savior but is ok whit living how they desire under the idea that no one is perfect has failed to really believe in their heart. With Jesus in your heart you should always desire to work towards being like Him.
I dont think being a Christian equals instant and complete character redevelopment. I think it is the start of a new creation which takes a while to grow and develope. I think that you progress to grow more christlike...and I think that progression is controlled mostly by him, the more you allow him to work, the faster the transition.

This reflects the pauline Scriptures that speak about seeing dimly now, but seeing all at the last, and about eating milk, before solids. I dont think conversion means the Christian stops sinning. I think the first thing he does is sin...but whereas it didnt bother him before, now it does. I then think he realizes he cant help it, even though his mind wants not to sin, his flesh still lets him down.

Again, Saint Paul talks about this in his writings, and about how the moment of conversion is the start of physical death for the flesh, because the Flesh is sinful and will never be salvaged, it cant be saved. The ressurectional body is similar, but not the same...and like the antibodies in your blood attack an the Spirit of GOD will begin its work of clensing body and spirit...the clensing of the body is its demise, it is fragile, weak, stupid, and not destined for glory. This maybe why Jesus talks about cutting off limbs to stop sin. I dont think he meant it litterally...but I do think that there is a certain amount of disdain for the flesh which becomes more of a hassle then its worth.

Slowly, over time maybe the Christian sins less...or maybe he simply repents more because he realizes his whole world litterally revolves around sinful activities...mainly confined to his thoughts...thank goodness...but all the same. Once he realizes his thought life is sinful, he knows he cant free himself....which is fine. Ye have not, because Ye Ask Not....GOD is waiting to help...but he does enjoy being asked. Unlike Demons, he wont force himself upon you.

So it depends what GOD is doing with a person and what the person is struggling with as to how far they change...and I dont think we should ever judge...but I think we should support...if we see someone we suspect isnt acting like they should considering what the profess to might be time to offer them aid. Its certainly not time to judge...the last thing we want to do, if our suspicions are right, is to entrench them further into their sin

I'm not saying you were suggesting otherwise, simply stating what I believe to help clarify to your specific point about change
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