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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
it's all about styles ... how many have the guys shogun beat tried to take him down as the main point of their game plan ??? coleman and forrest .. forrest beat him and coleman was doing well but gassed .. people though jbj was gonna have a hard time taking down bader and he did it with ease ... shogun has good jj, but has never really had to show it except maybe against randleman ... jbj is gonna take shogun down and do as much damage as possible ..
yeah but style wise jones hasnt faced anyone like shogun... His striking and jj is on another level to what jones has faced... He hasnt even wanted to stand up long with the wrestlers he has faced... Theres a big difference between putting a wrestler who spends no time training off there back there and a jj blackbelt... the best person jones has faced on the ground is bonnar and he couldnt finish him... Im sure he has improved alot since that fight though... well see on saturday..

also you forgot a shogun opponent who tried to tak him down... his name is ricardo arona and hes won about ever jj compertion hes ever been in and had monster td's in his prime... He took shogun down almost got subbed got swept and hammer fisted to unconsciousness
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