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Funny thing is.. not that I bet cash on fights....

Shogun is coming in as the underdog in this fight.. I can't figure out why...

Jones is REALLY good..a future belt holder.. most likely

But to claim the current champ as an underdog.. when the best Jones has faced.. is Matyushenko, Bonner and Hammil.... I just don't see it...

Shogun has fought and won against...Lyoto, Chuck, and Overeem...

am I the only won that sees a huge difference in the caliber of opponets?
it's all about styles ... how many have the guys shogun beat tried to take him down as the main point of their game plan ??? coleman and forrest .. forrest beat him and coleman was doing well but gassed .. people though jbj was gonna have a hard time taking down bader and he did it with ease ... shogun has good jj, but has never really had to show it except maybe against randleman ... jbj is gonna take shogun down and do as much damage as possible ..
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