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I am quite a fan of Shogun. His style is really fun to watch. I also want Shogun to win this fight. The thing is I only see him winnig via highlight reel style KO or TKO. The first time Shogun gets put on his back hes gonna have some big trouble. In order to get the submission, you typically are gonna have to get in good position and I dont know of anyone in the LHW divison that could put Jones in a postion that he doesn't wanna be put in. He made Bader look horrible. IMHO, Shogun is gonna have to finish the fight at the beginning of one of the rounds. When Jones gets hit (assuming he doesnt get KO'd) by Shoguns power punches and kicks, hes gonna shoot for the takedown. I really have hard time seeing Shogun being able to stuff any of Bones' takedown attempts. So in conclusion, my heart is rooting for the highlight KO from Shogun. But my brain is telling me that Jon Jones takes a 49-46 UD.

NOW on the real topic lol. I fully understand why Rashad would want to leave Jackson's if Jones wins the belt. No coach in his right mind would turn away a UFC champion. But Rashad (i think) was there first and is also a number one contender for the 205 crown. If I were Rashad, I think I would go on over to ATT or go to Arizona and train with Aaron Simpson and company.
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