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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
It sounds like the same thing with Diego when GSP came to Jackson's. It's also possible that Rashad is sick to death of people asking about them fighting and just said this out of irritation.
Who knows.
It's also possible that Jones beats his @$$ in training and Rashad is Scared of Jony Bones

Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
lol!! I used to like Rashad until he.....talked about Matt then it was over...He lost my support.. I am still butt-hurt about Bader losing to Jones, because I love Bader! However he did admit he learned a lot about that fight and he promises to work on what he did wrong so all in all I don't hate Jones. He has talent.. I still want to see Shogun pull off the win.
Same here Miss Foxy I also want Shogun to win but its going to be a tough fight I think.
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