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Default Rashad leaving Jacksons camp?

Rumors of Rashad Evans possibly leaving the Jackson camp have been running rampant for the past few days, as there seems to have been some tension built up between Evans and teammate Jon Jones. With the possibility of Jon Jones being the UFC light heavyweight champion in a few days, both Evans and Jones have been repeatedly asked about whether the two would be willing to fight one another, and up until recently, it didn't look like it was an option. With both men now warmed up to the idea, and Evans waiting in the wings as the number one contender, he's made it clear just how serious he is.

ďWhatís gonna happen is, the teamís are gonna split apart. If I know thereís a chance Iím training with Jon and Gregís training with Jon, Iím not gonna train with Greg any more, EVER again. Because I need my coach to always be able to coach me no matter who Iím gonna fight. If he canít do that, I donít feel that thereís a use for me having him as my coach.Ē
Is this the end of Rashad Evans training with Greg Jackson? It will all depend on whether Jon Jones becomes the UFC light heavyweight champion this weekend.
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