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how far will vcu have to get before they deserved it?
It really does not matter how far they make it, there are teams out there that deserve to be in the tourney and are not. VCU played a total of 2 ranked teams all year (they went 1-1) Colorado played 9 ranked teams (they went 4-5, Out of those 9 ranked teams 5 were ranked in the top 10 and Colorado went 2-3 against them). Virginia Tech played 4 ranked teams (they went 1-3 but that 1 win was over Duke who was #1 in the nation at the time. VCU is 3-6 against teams in the tourney, Virginia Tech is 4-6, Colorado is 5-5. The same goes for UAB, who lost by 18 to Clemson tonight by the way. UAB played 1 ranked team (0-1 vs Duke, a 21 point loss at that) and is 2-2 against teams in the tourney.
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