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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
Duh.. Either you were on shrooms or something wicked happened.. So your faith obviously when you called out to Jesus Dave.. Geesh..
I was so skeered I didnt know what else to do

The whole episode was frightning...but when I woke up to find that this thing wasnt confined to my dream, but was actually...real.

Well the prayer kinda came naturally at that point...and its important to note, my prayer did not have any effect on the attacker. I did not have the faith required to Banish...I litterally just screamed for help. It was GOD who did the Banishing....

Now my Nan had more faith...When she was confronted by the demonic laughter and the voice that told her about the cancer...she told it to go in Chirsts name, and it went. I didnt do anything like that.

Either way...this isnt a power a person can wield...this is GODs power. I know that Angelic Host, in the perspective of creation are not very powerful...but in terms of our present position on Creations ladder...DONT BE cant take one on without calling in the cavilry.

I did not take part in Spiritual Warfare...I was attacked, and called on my Friend to fight on my behalf.

It gives me more respect for stories like that of Abraham...Abraham who wrestled, litterally with an Angelic Host...alright so that was a being of Light and not Darkness...but one presumes that in terms of power, a host is a host, if its of the same Choir.

You wouldnt find me fighting a host like that
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