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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post

"Anderson has proven hes the best fighter and he handles it quite good. Its a complicated fight to GSP Its a pretty bad fight for him, Anderson has this body type, he loses weight easily, he can make any weight, so I believe a catchweight division would be perfect for GSP, and Anderson wouldnt have problems with that. Whod have a problem would be GSP, because Anderson can lose that weight easily and, at the day of the fight, hed be on his usual weight, so I believe its complicated for Georges St. Pierre"

Anderson Silva's manager tells Brazilian media that they are more than willing to fight GSP at a catchweight more in the realm of GSP's weightclass. Since it seems that everyone is dead set on this fight happening except GSP due to weighty issues, the offer to fight below middleweight surely would make this bout impossible to turn down for the welterweight champ.
I'm not surprised by this. Anderson used to be a WW & there were rumors that Matt would fight him as one of his first title defenses back in '02.
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