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Originally Posted by Max View Post
it has nothing to do with the fact that it was your team, it has everything to do with the fact that 2 teams (VCU and UAB) that had no business being in the tourney are in and teams like Va Tech and Colorado were left out. You can be excited all you want but even you know your team does not deserve to be there.
Really? If it has nothing to do with it being VCU, then why is it only after being called out for trolling do you bother to bring up UAB? If it has nothing to do with it being VCU, then why come into a VCU thread to talk about it? The title of the thread clearly labels this as a JuJu-type thread & not a discussion-type thread. You can't even try to hide behind a lame "Well it's the only one on this topic" excuse because rockdawg already started an NCAA Tournament thread right HERE.

Seriously, Max, I've never heard a champion complain so much in my life! For crying out loud, YOU GUYS BEAT US IN THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! It's not like we stole an at-large bid from you! What in the world has VCU ever done to you to make you so butt-hurt? Geez, dude, I don't even hang off VCU's nuts as hard as you're hanging off ODU's & I've been employed by our athletic department for 7 years!

Here's my advice to you: move on. Go start a "VCU Doesn't Deserve to Be in the 2011 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament", watch as no one comes in there, bitch all by your lonesome & get out of my thread! Every time you come in here, you realize that more & more people come in to support me? You're efforts are producing a result exactly opposite to what you desired. You know what the definition of insanity is? Attempting the same thing over & over & expecting a different result.

In the immortal words of Strong Bad:
Man, Fhqwghads,
You're making yourself look pathetic.
Makeup splashed all over your face,
People are just gonna feel sorry for you.
I mean, I DO.
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