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Originally Posted by Chuck
I'm not a Jardine fan either.... I'm just not sure who Page is anymore...

Jardine is tough... and he hits hard.... those 2 things tell me he has a decent chance.

Do I think he will win? Not really. But I don't see it as a huge upset if he does....

Rampage is the same person he has always been, maybe better. As for Nosferatu hitting hard, I dont think that matters. Rampage has never been KOed by just one punch (in any of the fights I can remember). Its always a tremendous amount of punishment that brings him down and I dont think that Nosferatu can dish out that amount of punishment with out getting his glass jaw broken.

By the way am I the only person who thinks this fight is just stupid. Rampage just killed Wandy and Wandy just killed Nosferatu. Im not trying to say that Rampage will win because of this I just dont really see the point of the UFC putting this fight together.
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