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There are certain things that as the church we must hold too. For example, my wife's parents were members of the Anglican church for over 30 years and left the church about 3 years ago because the Anglican church of Canada was no longer acknowledging homosexuality as sin and ordaining openly gay priests. That is an example of a reason to divide or leave a church when it no longer follows Gods word. This is an example of something we hold with a closed fist.

For my church, one thing we do that would be an example of an open hand issue is we have a Women on staff that preaches once a month when our Lead pastor needs a break. Now I don't believe that she should be teaching in that setting. If Paul is correct he doesn't allow a women to teach, and I think he is coming from more than just a cultural point of view. This I believe would be something that I would not leave the church over and not divide from those fellow believers.

We don't do infant baptisms, all our elders are male. Membership is only for believers.
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