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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
You Catholics believe things that others dont. Infant baptism, Purgatory, believe in offering prayers to Mary and to the Saints. And the idea of priest as mediator.

Do you Catholics ever have a altar call at the end of the service?
Firstly, I'm not a Roman Catholic myself The reason for that is, I dont believe the Scriptures actually allude to Apostolic Succession. I do like their style and I'm Anglo-Catholic...which means Rome...without Rome...if that makes sense...the style is Roman...but the content is all anglican

Secondly, Infant Baptism is indeed supported in the Scriptures...for its a dedication to the Lord as a Child when the Children cant actually decide for themselves...and you only need to ask what Jesus Christs Parents were doing Forty Days after his Birth to see that the Jewish did have an infant dedication service.

The Roman Catholics dont believe in purgatory anymore, I think that was overturned by John-Paul, or Vatican Two...cant remember which one.

The Roman Catholics dont exactly pray to Mary or the Saints...they ask Mary and the Saints to pray with and for them. If I asked you to pray for me, then I wouldnt be praying TO you would I...I'd simply be asking for your help. Thats what they do. The Roman Catechism states tht Worship of Mary is Abhorant.

Roman Catholic Services dont have Altar Calls Mark
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