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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
So you're probably wondering why Dana White announced the Strikeforce buyout on a Saturday morning. It's rumored that Dana White wanted to ensure that the NFL player's lockout was official before announcing the UFC purchasing Strikeforce. Dana's plan is to literally undercut the NFL fanbase by providing UFC/Strikeforce in a time slot that would be endemic to NFL fans. Now that the 2011 NFL season is essentially displaced, it's heavily rumored that Dana will work with CBS to host weekly fights that will air on Sunday morning/evening.

This is dumbest crap I've ever heard, obviously a troll job.

9 billion dollars at stake and people actually think they won't reach a deal?

These guys may miss a few OTAs and that's it. Half the people reading this don't even know what OTAs are. The NFL season will go on as planned, and even if the worst case scenario played out and we missed some of the season, MMA will still not be challenging the NFL's popularity in North America in this lifetime.
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