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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I would say that Church traditions that don't contradict the Bible are acceptable, but not necessary. Nor are they an indication of righteousness. If someone chooses not to observe them, then it should NOT be used as a reflection upon their devotion to or faith in GOD.

As Christians we should use every day to honor and reflect upon GOD. Lent is unnecessary. Plus, it's links with Easter (which is a festival in honor of the Saxon "Great Mother Goddess" Eostre, not Jesus Christ) and the vernal equinox bring it more in line with pagan traditions.
I didnt say it was necessary I said it was scripturally sound, and a good idea to remember key events

When do you reflect upon the Axe-head of Elisha?

half the Christians on this forum celebrate the ressurection of Christ on GOOD FRIDAY!!!!!!! and FORGET how important the Crucifixition was...werent you around the year Ricky made a siggie saying "The Lord Is Risen" and put it into his Siggie BEFORE THE START OF PASSION TIDE...obviously he spent next to NO time reflecting on the death of Christ...choosing only to remember his ressurection...that can lead to warpped theology...the belief that Christs offer of Eternal Life was somehow FREE and the debt of Sin just written off

thats NOT True...there was nothing "free" about Christ dying, except his acceptance and fulfilment of Mission...the debt of sin wasnt "written off" it was had he spent a while to reflect on The Passion...he might have taken that more to heart.

As for the Festival of Easter...The Church DELIBERATLEY put the celebration at the same time. They were trying to be CONSIDERATE of a new group of people who had recently converted and wanted to celebrate at that time of the year. They gave them a CHRISTIAN REASON to do it, in order to DETRACT from the original clebration...rather then having Easter sometime else...and all those struggling converts being tempted to celebrate at a point they are used to. Bizzarely was a strategy to avoid temptation...thats a theme of Lent...which you'd understand if you bothered to research it.

Its True Name is The Feast of The Ressurection. But thats not something you're going to hear much outside of the Roman Tradition.

Understand...I dont care if you observe it or not...but I DO care about you pronouncing judgement without bothering to find the information, and then changing your mind slightly, the more information I give you, because you cant be bothered to listen to a five min video I prepared especially for people like you. Thats irritating, and its rude Nathan. Its part of the reason that makes me feel like I put effort in, which is under appreciated here.
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