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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
That is some epic spiritual warfare. Iím not sure what to say, other than Iím glad youíre OK and Iíll pray for you!
Thank you for your prayers

Apparently, My Parents say they have both been attacked in such a manner. Not Regularly, but maybe once or twice over the years. My Father said the first time he actually encounted a Demon was the night after he was ellected to some position at The Christian Union of York University...he eventually ran for President.

I was always led to believe that the above kind of thing only happens to either Great Christian Leaders who have the ability to really damage the realm of Evil, and so they are a BIG threat.


It occures to foolish heathen who have messed around with the occult in some way to find powers they dont understand, nor believed in, are real and prepared to bite them on the butt.

I am neither. I have done nothing to warrent such an attack. Sure, I post on this forum about Spiritual Issues...but ive been doing that for just over half a decade...I am not planning any evangelism...I am not doing anything exciting or big that will advance the Kingdom of GOD. BUT I am developing my relationship with Christ...which in the last year and a half has been an extraordinary journey of rapid change. I wonder if my giving extra time to Christ, and also to some of the Philanthropic Adventures I have planned for later in the year, to raise money for charities, has sent alarm bells ringing in the heavens, that I might be regarded as someone deserving of a frightening experience in the hope that I shut down

The thing is...I know my place. I am not powerful or influential or important. BUT I am willing to work for Christ, and He IS Powerful, Influential and Important...and whatsmore...He is MORE powerful and influential and important then anything Evil out there.

From my story, its obvious, I alone couldnt do anything to stop what happened. But the Moment I appealed to Christ HE Can step in and banish whatever it was that thought it alright to invade my privacy, my home, and my sleep. More on...I feel safer, and more empowered for having that experience...because now I KNOW from Experience...that using the name of Jesus Christ actually, litterally DOES have power. Why should I have a spirit of fear...when I dont just believe Christ will save me if in trouble...but KNOW and have had it prooved to me that Christ will make it all go away.

FAR from making me cry, or shudder...its now made me deliberatley want to go and do EXTRA just because I know that GOD cant and wont be stopped. The sky is the limit...and whereas I always have believed that before...and have had it prooved on a lesser scale...this was such a big event..that its absolute fact to me.

YES there is evil out there, more powerful then me. But Christ is out there also, and he is more powerful then them
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