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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Still just a Church tradition. Did Jesus fast for 40 days before His death and Resurrection? No. You've shown me nothing biblical about the idea of giving up something for 40 days before Easter. In fact, that has more to do with pagan traditions and sun god worship, than Christian doctrine.
Everything in Church is a Tradition. Traditions that are Biblically sound are GOOD

Jesus went into the wilderness to fast for forty days before his Ministry. It doesnt matter where the church decides to put this season...the point is that people LIKE YOU remember the importance of it.

You didnt even know what lent was until I explained it...either that, or you asked some very foolish questions...and your lack of knowledge isnt because your stupid...its because you've already made up your mind about ANY tradition.

Face it Nate, its a fallen world, some time you should actually investigate, rather then just pronounce judgement on something you know absolutely nothing about. I doubt you made time in your year to focus, solely, on what Christ did in the Wilderness...and on what that specific event means to us today.

AND for your information...Would you like to tell me exactly what Christ WAS doing just before he was arrested? Cant you see the connection??

He wasnt preaching surrounded by thousands of people. He was alone in a Garden, with nature, talking to GOD...he even told his few disciples who followed to wait outside of earshot.

That right there is a miniature lent...because he faced his biggest Temptation of all! He asks the Father to remove the take away his Passion...that is his plea...but he resigns himself to his Fathers Will and does what has to be done. One of the greatest depictions of this moment, is in The Passion Of The Christ...which shows the Garden, and his Plea to Almighty GOD...and a little way off, Lucifer...standing their...hoping that Christ will bottle at the last hurdle.

If you put half as much effort into TRYING to understand this sort of Theology as you do constantly arguing with me on here about the dissapointments of the Established Church, and who is a Christian, and who isnt a Christian, you would not only have a heart FOR TRUTH, which you do, if often unmoderated by the Spirit I feel...but ALSO a Heart of Wisdom and Love.

Perhaps you will understand this:

Against the plan of God for the salvation of all men, the Devil has opposed with all his strength, as the Gospel of the temptation of Jesus tells us. But, entering this liturgical season means siding each time with Christ against sin, facing - both as individuals and as a Church - the spiritual battle against the spirit of evil

As one who experienced first hand, the frightening power of The Spiritual War we are in, Last Night, and as one who lives with a serious and constant temptation to do vile evil, I find the Temptation of Christ very know that HE knows how I feel...and that HE overcame...and that if I am in trouble, I can call upon the holiness of His Name, and he will come and help me.

I'm So sorry if YOU dont feel dedicating forty days of the Callendar per year, for reflection on that is Important.
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