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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
That IS Lent.

Lent is just a time to reflect on Christs Temptation, and then His Passion.

The Church tries to make time for what it sees as being important throughout the Year. Each Liturgical Season has a focus.

Lent is a time to reflect on the humanity of Christ...the fact he used isolation to gain comfort from GOD, he needed personal space, the fact that he was tempted by the Devil, the fact that he would do such things as Fasting...the fact that the whole of his Passion was voluntary and not a set of circumstances forced on an unsuspecting Victim.

The Catholic Church in the middle ages, in its aspirations to allow people to be more Christ Like, wanted to allow the Congregation to share in Christs Suffering as well as His Glory...something often reflected in the Pauline section of Scriptures. Thats where the ideas of self denial, and giving up something for lent originated.

But as the world has become secular, and the Roman Church generally became being pius for the sake of piety...which is something Christ warns against. Which is why I advocate a focus away from sharing Christs Suffering...and actually doing what Christ would do. He wanted to bring love and perhaps our focus should be on philanthropy and evangelism during lent...that would mean taking something up.

Again...I dont post links to my videos for fun. I do it so I dont NEED to repeat myself...if you listened to my video FIRST you wouldnt need to ask the above question since this whole distinguishment is EXACTLY the prompt that called me to make the video and show it here in the first place.

Honnestly! they complain if my posts are to long, but havent the stamina to do nothing but listen to a few mins video instead.
Still just a Church tradition. Did Jesus fast for 40 days before His death and Resurrection? No. You've shown me nothing biblical about the idea of giving up something for 40 days before Easter. In fact, that has more to do with pagan traditions and sun god worship, than Christian doctrine.
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