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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Dude, this is friggin' huge news! Man, I'm glad I decided to check the news site real quick as I was eating, or else I never would have heard about this. Here are the three things I want to see come out of this:
  1. Title unifications. Once a year the UFC champ vs. The SF champ for the Zuffa belt.
  2. Pat commentating in the UFC. Best threesome in announcing, hands down. If Pat's OK with smacking Moron into place, he'll handle Goldie & Joe no problem.
  3. Pat Miletich in the HoF. 1st WW champ, coach of 4 eventual champs & now a fantastic commentator.
Originally Posted by matt hughes View Post
it will be interesting to see what the ufc does with strikeforce. hope they keep the organization around and dont do a pride thing. first thing i thought of was Pat getting his foot in the door to do something. also Robbie might be able to move over to the ufc. very interesting...

I've been firing to see Pat back in the UFC, even just as a cornerman, ever since that IFL beef that Dana created. Man, I'm really excited about this.

One question for everyone: Does Paul Daley get fired from SF now?
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