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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
Bible say deny me befroe men and i will deny you before my father. That Dave is clearly a PUBLIC confession.
No. That is...if you are asked, and you do believe, dont lie about it.

That isnt...go up to the top of every street and shout "I believe" or else your hiding it.

I wouldnt Deny Christ...but I dont need to publically profess unless either asked, or I want to. I do get asked, because of my Tattoo mainly...but also because of my Mourning Band which I now wear for forty days after a friend of mine has passed away, or on the years mind. Almost everyone who sees that asks what it is.

Every time they do, I tell them.

But I dont go up to them and say, look at this, I dont need to. I know what I'm doing, GOD knows what Im doing...if anyone asks, I tell them...but if they do not ask, then I usually dont say.

What was that Christ said about those dumbass religious people, who stand on street corners, and babble long and converluted prayers to be heard squarking in public.

Did he not say, if you were fasting, to wash and make yourself fresh so noone would know...because GOD knows, and thats all that counts? IMHO YOU are a modern day Pharasee, coz thats EXACTLY what you do...piety, for pieties know your law inside and out...but the Law doesnt save you Pastor Christ...its the Spirit of The Law that saves...No I dont have memorized half the Bible....I do my daily readings, and my daily prayers, on the quiet...I have no need to convince anyone of anything...I know the Truth, If they dont accept the Truth, that is their problem...I dont need to look all big and Christian, and Religious...I dont need to run around quoting Scripture at people, and shouting about Jesus Christ every ten seconds, to frighten off anyone on the road side or at work.

You know...when I first went to University, the Chaplaincies had a stall in the Freshers Fair...a simple stall, with just hundreds of bags of peanuts..They didnt even have a header board. But when people opened and at the bag, they found a scrap of paper with two words and a question mark on it

"Religious Nut?"

I am a Christian...but that does not make me a "Religious Nut" You are probably a Christian also...but your certainly a "Religious Nut"
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