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Originally Posted by warriorlion
again the millwall rep is nothing compared to that of west ham and the chelsea headhunters of the 70's and 80's. Millwall's rep in comparision makes them pussycats not lions
You having a bubble fella?

Chelsea had a decent rep in the late 70's and 80's true, mainly because they played in the 2nd division and took numbers everywhere.

Have a read up of Chelsea's attempt to come to The Den in 77 (i think), they were absolutely battered and to this day they will happily admit that, their West Stand mob (again, could've been the Shed mob) came into the CBL and spent 45 minutes being battered at the back of the stand before climbing over barb ware fences and taking a 20ft drop the other side.

In 95 it went off at the Bridge, loads having it in little mobs, no clear winner.

The vermin (west h*m) have always been superbly organised and had great numbers. Millwall, always had smaller numbers and no organisation, but are/were game as anything, 20 proper wall will NOT run from 40, 60, 80 of anyone else.

Got some good mates who were 80 handed at Bristol City away and were front by 200 Bristol (confirmed by Bristol) and Millwal just waded into them and run them ragged. (again admitted by Bristol)

Over the past decade wall have done the vermin several times with the vermin not getting any payback.

You ain't really got a clue mate, every team will say that a visit to The Den was the scariest experience they have ever had, (along with a few others).

Millwall's reputation is up there as the best alongside United & the vermin.

Talk to any PROPER west ham and they will say, begrudingly, that we are the only mob to match them, we have won some, lost some, we will say the same.
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