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A Broken and Contrite Heart, God will not despise.

This was the title to a sermon that John Piper did a couple of years ago and it was immense in helping me understand my sin and how to get through those times when I did sin. Here is a quote that hope helps everyone here.

" And today our focus is on Psalm 51 and how to be crushed with guilt well. I hope that you are detecting a pattern. What makes a person a Christian is not that he doesnít get discouraged, and itís not that he doesnít sin and feel miserable about it. What makes a person a Christian is the connection that he has with Jesus Christ that shapes how he thinks and feels about his discouragement and his sin and guilt."

I have the very same thoughts about my brothers and sisters in Christ and I believe very strongly that we should be concerned with each others walk with Christ and keep each other accountable. I have a really good friend who went to Mexico with his wife's family who all confess to be christians and from my opinion would be. But when they were down in Mexico his in laws proceeded to get drunk and abuse alcohol. My friend confronted them on this(as he should) and they replied in their defenses "everyone struggles with something" to his reply was "your not struggling with alcohol your freely giving yourself to it." The really sad part to me is one of his in laws is a youth pastor and tried to quote some scripture to justify his actions. My buddy told me that there seemed to be no remorse in their actions, which than would lead me to think do they really know and understand sin and who Jesus is in that sin. The youth pastor should have known for sure.

My point is yes we all struggle with sin and have things in our lives we must guard our hearts against or they will take us down, but when you freely give yourself over to something that is sinful, than you are entering into a path of destruction. The most loving thing you can do is confront your brother/sister and help lead them to repentance. The most unloving thing is to leave them to their sin. I very much dislike the phrases "It's all Good." and "Each to their own." Now this is all in context to confessing Christian brothers and sisters, not to our non believing friends.
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