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There is no such thing as an MMA Hall of Fame though. Besides...that would be too vast I think.

I still say his power of the mob, and his ability to have pioneered three weight classes, and get them all from unrecognised, to the full UFC in a decade...warrents his inclusion.

Look at it this way...Removing all things Pulver, would have made WEC vanish when the heavies in it were disbanded, and it would cause three divisions of the UFC to vanish into thin air...that quite likely could have been the scenario if Jens Pulver hadnt almost single handedly championed their cause for about five years before they became really popular.

He's much more then the first lightweight champion...he's kinda responsible for the sports acceptance of EVERYTHING below 170lbs. You could argue that the Orient developed slightly differently...and he would feature, but only alongside Kid Yamamoto in areas like shooto, rings, and pride...but thankfully, we CAN ignore that for the purposes of an appeal to the UFC
I was referring to Frank, not Jens. I agree with everything you’ve said about Jens, and I did vote ‘yes’ on him being included in the HOF.

As for Frank, I know there is no MMA hall of fame, but if there was, he would definitely rate. I just don’t think he’s ‘UFC’ enough to qualify for their HOF.
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