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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
I agree brother. I've stayed mostly out of this topic but I would say this:

If GSP plans on making a permanent move to 185 then he should take his time and build the weight the right way.

If the UFC just wants to set up a Superfight.. then I think it should be at 180lbs and GSP should return to WW when he's done.

It's silly to me the number of people on this board who think GSP has no chance against AS at 185. AS would certainly have the advantage but it's a very winnable fight for GSP. I personally think GSP and Randy are the best fighters in the UFC when it comes to putting together a game plan and sticking to it. If GSP fought smart he would have a great chance at beating AS.

But fighting is about styles... and to be honest the Chael/GSP match up would be much harder for GSP in my book than GSP/AS.
I've been saying that for years now.

I agree, it's certainly a winnable fight for GSP if he does things the right way.....and I would think that the UFC would allow that to happen if all parties agreed to this 'superfight'.

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