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Originally Posted by Max View Post
1.I agree he did not win, in fact Ive never once said he won, I have said over and over there was no winner in that fight, and I am correct when I say that. Just because he did not win does not mean he lost, the fight was a draw.

2. No it does not equal a loss it equal's a draw. If it equaled a loss there would be a loss on Maynard's record, this is not the case though, Maynard has yet to lose a fight.

3. I never said it was not reflected on his record, if you read what I posted I stated, "A draw does not equate to a loss, if it did then it would be reflected that way in Maynards record, but its not". The fight between Maynard and Edgar is reflected as a draw on both of their records. Maynard's record is 10-0-1 (1NC) and Edgar's record is 13-1-1. Maynard does not have a loss there for he did not lose the fight with Edgar. In fact its even listed on the UFC website as a draw.

Its clear that Dana is a man of his word, he said that Pettis would get the winner of the fight and since there was no winner he had to make a rematch before giving Pettis his title shot.
Originally Posted by bj44 View Post
Dave your wrong Maynard has beaten the champion... He is 1-0 with a draw vs the champion... He deserves another shot...

How old are you again? You present an intelligent argument, make sense, and not once have to insult the other person. It is refreshing to see people with some class and decency around here for a change.

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