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You asked about a co-worker.. Huge difference. I already responded with my thoughts and opinions on this. The way you wrote the post was misleading. You should have stated your personal friends/family not a generalization. You got my answer. I shall not continue this any longer.
I didn't state it as a personal relations only because the salavtion of my friends is no more important than that of a stranger. the bible doesn't say teacher your friends - it says the nations. I used friends in the context that the exposure we have with certain people give us knowledge of who they really are. If I asked a stranger if they knew Jesus as their Savior and they answered "Yeah I've prayed to received Him" I would follow up to ask if they also believe in their heart. Some people we only know their words - yes I believe in my heart. It is the people who we see in action that we can see the reflection of their heart. My point is when their words and their heart don't match do we ignore it or ask them about their heart? No one is perfect but some are clearly confused. Don't worry - I'm not looking for an answer from you. Just making my point clear for everyone else.
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