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Well I don't mean ONLY friends, but anyone who you see in action well enough to know if they seem to think mere words save them. And I think the judge in this verse means to decide who is worthy of Heaven. That's nto what I'm saying. I'm saying by actions our hearts are shown. If a person thinks words alone save them, or misunderstand what believing with your heart means I think Christians should not turn from having a conversation to ensure salvation is understood.

If a coworker comes in obviously sick and the next day they come back in the same condition and say "I'm better now" do you believe them? Probably not because there is no indication a change in their condition has occured. You would likely say "have you seen a doctor?" or "did you get some medicine?"
I don't care that much to believe or not believe. I would say, "glad your back take care of yourself." That's just me. I am far too busy to worry what the next person does. I see your point and to each his/her own.. We all march to a different beat..
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