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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Is a church blessed if it doesn't follow scripture? These are my interpretations of Scripture of what the a church should be doing and I dont think there are. Anyone can be a elder, non christian members, The church is divided in services and infant baptism. There is no church discipline.
Blessed only in so much as GOD can use it for his purpose, or provide opportunity for that Church to come to a deeper revelation, and thus change its ways.

We have to remember, that primarily Church is no there for its members, but for those who still walk in Darkness. We also have to remember that there are fundemental dissagreements between denominations, which make Established Christendom extremely political, and full of dissagreements on the basics of theology. We also have to remember that there are many different meanings to the word "church" even if your local building is letting you down, there is still a community of believers in the wider world which you can help, aid, support, get encouragement from, etc. In its loooest form, the church is no more then a group of believers working together for the Kingdom of GOD...this forum is thus a church in that taxanomic are you and a few believing friends from your town. So when you looose heart because the established (and I dont mean that in a governmental sence, but in an organised religion kinda sence) give it a short break, and work on other areas and ways of glorifying GOD

The Church is a fallen institution...and because it stands for GOD will be a place which is constantly under attack. When the main base of your army is attacked and momentarily in danger of perversion...what you must do is turn to the underground resistance movement...and they are all around you Mark, completely outside of the church building, its dogma, its politics, and its fallen nature.
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