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Default Shane Carwin's Tweets - Funny!

Just had to share these Tweets from Shane Carwin, didn't realize he was such a comedian!

Originally Posted by Shane Carwin
a Carwin sized letter opener

how can I explain to my wife that these are for home self defense? She agreed the M16 was necessary for home defense. Not sure on swords.

she loves to save money and ammo is expensive. Ninja suit, throwing stars and swords are low cost defense tool. And green!!!

swords wont shot through the walls

@centuryma I am a mma fighter we all wear smedium no matter how big we are.

there can be big and tall ninjas.... don't crush my dreams

I have selected like 23 essential Martial Arts weapons that I now need thanks to Century.

for making salad

in all seriousness if she loves me she will understand the need for 27 Martial Arts Weapons. Most of which go with one outfit.
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