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Yes. I left at Mid day, I then walked the forty five min urban walk between here and the ADP dental surgery out near Starbeck. Then I went all the way through stonefall park from morrisons supermarket, past the city cemetary, past the crematorium, past the city tip site, and over to Sainsburys supermarket. I then carried along all the way across the Great North Yorkshire Showground to the Crimple Beck Quarry, and down into Crimple beck, under the old Viaduct, across the river and to the pub. Then back through crimple beck and across the golf course, to the ringways path in crimple wood. all the way through their until the fork that leads back to hookstone woods. Up through Hookstone crag, along through the BMX bike thingy, and all the way through the Hookstone woods to come out by Saint John Fishers school...then down the road to Saint Aidens School, across the hundred acre stray, and to the centre of town, where I live. I arrived back 6.15.

I am cancelling the all day walk tommorow, not coz of my knee, which hurts again a little, but its just coz its weakened now..but because of bad weather...and because it would take me a long time to get to fewston reseviour, and having only been their once before by car...I am uncertain after pot bank, how to actually get to the start of the woods...there is a two mile break in my knowledge between pot bank (which is a good three hours walk to begin with) and the start of the resevoiur near menwith hill...which freaks me out anyway because it has bad vibes...and a sunken village at the bottom of the pool which rises up during the summer when the water level drops. I would want to be certain of getting their early so I can explore AND LEAVE WELL BEFORE dusk...its too much of a risk...sooo I'm not going...however on Thursday I shall be off for a full day around the gorge...I plan to leave at 9am and finish at about 6 or 7 at night. Ready for my birthday meal
it takes you 3 hours to walk 2 miles?
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