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Default Tito Ortiz: My last two fights against Forrest Griffin have been 'awesome' so let's p

Sounds to me like Tito wants an easier fight than Nogueira would have gave him...


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"Hopefully in May or June. It's up to Dana and the UFC to let the fight happen. I know people want to see me fight again, so let's do a Forrest-Ortiz three. He's a former world champion, our last two fights have been awesome so let's just put on a three ... The last one I thought I won, but they gave it to him. So let's just make the third time better than the last two. I guess the fans will speak loudest, so let's make the fans make some noise ... I don't know why people [call me out]. They want to be famous? I guess me being as infamous as I am, these guys can get on me and the only way for them to be recognized is to fight a big name like me. I think it's cool. I think it's funny. Take your ticket and wait in line, and Forrest I'll give you the No. 1 ticket."
Well, you heard the man, make some damn noise already. Anyone out there clamoring for a conclusion to the "awesome" rivalry that is Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin? Both longtime UFC employees have held the light heavyweight belt -- and both are a long way from getting it back. Does that automatically qualify them for a rubber match? Griffin is the winner of two straight, including a split decision over "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" back in 2009 whereas Ortiz hasn't won a fight in nearly five years and recently pulled out of his March 26 headliner against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Who has the most to lose in this trilogy? Ortiz, Griffin -- or the fans?
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