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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Set-up: Since he has to wait for the Edgar/Maynard re-match, Pettis didn't wanna just sit around, so he decided to take a fight in the meantime against Clay Guida.

Original purpose of thread: Interview with Clay Guida in which he says that he'll beat Pettis, thus taking away his title shot.

De-railment of thread: Dave's upset that a Suckerpunch guy might lose his title shot & raised a fuss. Insists that Pettis should be getting the next title fight (as opposed to the rematch). Tries to prove this, through questionable logic, by saying that "a draw is technically a loss in a title fight".

That should catch you nicely.
Yeah, I noticed Dave pissing and moaning about a draw being a loss. Thanks for the cliff notes. I doubt Clay will win, so title fight should still happen AFTER the more important rematch to settle the draw.
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