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I don’t like to bench at home because my boys will find me wherever I am and try to get in on whatever I’m doing, and I’m worried about the weight falling on one of them. Also I don’t have a spotter, so if I lift to fatigue the bar settles on my neck.

A while ago I weighed myself, then weighted my hands in pushup position and the difference was about sixty pounds. ‘Lightbulb’, they have sixty pound bags of masonry sand at Home Depot!

After I read this thread last week I decided to go for it. On the way home I grabbed a bag of sand and a roll of duct tape. Making sure to leave a little room in the bag, I used up the whole roll, overlapping the wraps and wrapping in two directions. After seven dollars and twenty minutes I had a soft sixty pound weight I could drape across my shoulders and do ‘own weight’ equivalent pushups!

Playing around with it this weekend I found a bunch of stuff I can do with it, like kettle swings and rifle presses, I can hold it with my knees and do weighted pull-ups and dips, really versatile and fun.
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