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You know as well as I, that the Challenger must Beat the Champion outright to win the title. Did Gray Maynard win the Title?


A draw equates to a loss, which is why Frankie Edgar still holds the championship.

The Logical thing to do is to proceed on the basis that Maynard blew it. Have Frankie Fight Pettis who is ALREADY WAITING, and whilst that is happening, have Maynard squash a can. By the time Pettis and Edgar have fought, Maynard and the Can will also have time wasted...and then if Maynard has crushed his can, and Edgar has managed not to loose his belt, THEN you have a rematch. This way everyone keeps fighting, no time is lost, no one is kept waiting, and all promises are fulfilled.
I never said that Maynard won the title, I stated that Pettis was told he woudl fight the winner and there was no winner of that fight. A draw does not equate to a loss, if it did then it would be reflected that way in Maynards record, but its not. There is really nothing wrong with what the UFC is doing.
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