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...and yes I bloody well do deserve the pay cheque amount that Joe Silva gets...believe it or not, that bit of match making didnt take an iota of brains. It common sense to make sure fighters are not left waiting around to long, its common courtesy not to keep someone you have promised a shot, to wait. Its actually not rocket science.

This stupid, foolish notion that every close match demands an instant rematch is tiersome at best, and destroying careers at worst.

You dont need to be employed by the UFC to figure that out....its a GROSS oversight, done purely on the basis that Frankie/Maynard would be more of a draw then Pettis/Frankie...which after the hype of that showtime kick, had they made the arrangements for the fight to be this month or april, would I reckon have been just as much a draw and made more sense

but theres politics at play here also. they WANT Maynard to be the Champion, so any bloody excuse they can possibly make to get him their they will pull out of the bag. They evidently dont find Frankie Edgar that charismatic...because the moment he took the belt...rather then playing the obvious (which they couldnt do because Penn is another golden boi of theres) they forced and instant rematch...whilst Maynard...everso shakily made his way across potholes he was well due to fall in to get to contendership.

Pettis is from WEC...they dont care about WEC lightweights, they are seen as second class citizens that can wait their turn. (incidently like British Viewers who cant actually easily even watch UFC events in the first place...we evidently dont matter either...and ive LONG since said that!)

Well...I hope that Frankie Crushes Maynard to show the management what a balls up having a dumbass rematch is, and then I hope that Pettis flattens both Guida and Edgar....then they will have been shamed...and then perhaps the WEC lightweight division will be vindicated...unfortunately, all that depends almost entirely on Anthony Pettis...and why should he bother when they've already written him off.

I am SO angry about this its unreal
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