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I dont mind saying it...In this instance Dana White is a liar and breaker of promises. He promised a Unification match BEFORE the showtime kick...he promised that either Benson Henderson, or Anthony Pettis would fight Frankie Edgar as the next fight after Gray presumes within a reasonable four to five months (allowing for Frankie obviously to reprepare and train.) the match was not especially close...Maynard blew a perfect paper record (and I say paper because a good amount of us could see him struggling with his decisions up to two fights before his title shot...he was awarded some dodgey decisions) next thing you know...for absolutely no good reason at all...they want a rematch.
What you are saying is not true dave. Dana said that the WEC champ would fight the WINNER of the Edgar v Maynard fight. The thing is the fight ended in a draw so there for there was no winner. So the only logical thing to do is have a rematch since Pettis cant fight the winner of a fight that had no winner.
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