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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
He has to...he cant go sitting on the bench waiting for Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard...that would take forever. At best...three months for rematch, then three months before his worst, five months til rematch, then its a close call and they do best of three so another five months, and then another three months until his tern.

He hasnt got much of a choice...he's intelligent enough to understand that...and even if he fails and then never gets a least he has the WEC belt...they cant take that away from him.

The UFC should either refrain from making promises, or be honourable and fulfill their promises regardless of better business sence...but I dont think Dana White cares about keeping his Word. He probably isnt really bothered...but where I come from, a mans word is his integrity and honour...if he makes a vow and doesnt come true he is untrustworthy as a person. I dont end up close friends or have much regard for people who cant be trusted...because they have questionable loyalty...and thats one of my central cores of importance.
I agree Pettis needs to fight He can wait a year for Frankie to beat Maynard again. I think its bs that Pettis didn't get the fight but we all know the UFC is all about the money, what fans want, and then WHATS RIGHT.

Pettis said he would rather fight than wait in Inside MMA if im not mistaking.
I was just pulling REV's leg cause he said Pettis decided to fight like 3 times in one sentence

Originally Posted by Rev View Post
Pettis was given the option to wait for it or fight so what are yall upset about?
He made the decision to fight, Pettis decided to fight, Anthony Pettis decided to fight instead of waiting for the winner. I respect the heck out of that.

Man people are quick to bash Dana! dang.
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