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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
Pettis was given the option to wait for it or fight so what are yall upset about?
He made the decision to fight, Pettis decided to fight, Anthony Pettis decided to fight instead of waiting for the winner. I respect the heck out of that.

Man people are quick to bash Dana! dang.
Really? What is he supposed to do? NOTHING for a whole year?!?! You dont fight, you dont get paid...wasnt much of a choice...lets see Fight and possibly win...or dont fight and dont get paid and go into a title fight with a whole years ring rust.


Pettis has been an absolute prince about this. He hasnt complained, he hasnt demanded, he's made the obvious decision...but its NOT fair...and unlike him who is dependant on the man who is breaker of promises in this case...I am under no such obligation to appease Dana White.

I dont mind saying it...In this instance Dana White is a liar and breaker of promises. He promised a Unification match BEFORE the showtime kick...he promised that either Benson Henderson, or Anthony Pettis would fight Frankie Edgar as the next fight after Gray presumes within a reasonable four to five months (allowing for Frankie obviously to reprepare and train.) the match was not especially close...Maynard blew a perfect paper record (and I say paper because a good amount of us could see him struggling with his decisions up to two fights before his title shot...he was awarded some dodgey decisions) next thing you know...for absolutely no good reason at all...they want a rematch. Dana White obviously likes Maynard, and sees Frankie Edgar as a draw from the left overs of defeating Penn not once, but twice in a row (another rematch which was too prompt in its reoccurance)...and to hell with Anthony Pettis...after all, from the management perspective he's a sub par 155lb left over from a wing of Zuffa that doesnt exist supposes he should be greatful for being adopted into the UFC in the first place...but its not a gift...rather be chopped outright like the WEC Welterweights and above, or included entirely like the Feathers and Bantams...but to be brought in and left to rot as some sub par fighter is absolutely unethical treatment. The shame his belt, they shame his fantastic performance and closure of the WEC brand...they have broken their promise, and thus lied to him.

He has made the best of it by accepting their scraps so he can at least stay competative.

THATS how this really is...and I dont mind saying. I give praise where praise is due, but I wont give rewards for bad behaviour, mistreatment of an honourable young man and a tallented fighter, whether for capitalistic business gains or not, will most certainly be rectified before I give my stamp of approval...and until such time my tune wont be changed.
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