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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
Take Ibuprofen
Get an appointment with a Sports Medicine Physician. We were told for a year by the liberals that Britain has the best medical system. I'm sure they will get you in right away and give you the highest quality care.
Define Rest

I dont have a freezer...sooo how can I get any ice


It hurts the most when I streighten it...when I'm sitting and its bent it doesnt hurt

The NHS is overworked and underpaid...and at serious threat right now to some serious alterations...all to do with spending cuts from the gym instructor happens to be a registered and qualified person on nutrition and body bits He will know what is wrong...the doctor will probably say I have to rest it for a month and only come back if it hasnt cleared up...well I have to go up two flights of stairs to get to my home...and my bathroom is three steps down from my bedroom...I cant avoid steps...I aint about to be housebound and pee out the window
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