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Unhappy Bum Knee :(

I have been told several times by the medical profession that I have an extremely high bear that in mind. I have spent eighteen hours this week walking through forrest terrain, in six hour blocks over three days. On the third day, yesterday, I put my foot into some ankle deep mud whilst trying to cross a tributary, and I had to yank my leg up to get it out. Thats how I hurt my knee.

Now when sitting down there is no pain at all, there is no bruising, it is not tender to the touch, but it is eversoslightly swollen on the inward side of my left knee the crack near the knee cap that appears only when you straighten your leg. Now when standing it is a constant dull ache...not a sharp pain, and not a throbbing pain either. Today with very little walking it has got neither better nor worse.

If I walk slowly I am fine, but walking at my normal pace causes a slight but noticable limp, the only time it hurts more then usual would be when going up or down steps. I tried the cycle at the gym and found that I could go full speed and at length without anything more then the dull ache..the same with rowing...but the treadmill I could only manage flat (I usually like an incline) and I cant manage it at length...the cross trainer is hopeless, I cant do it.

So I spent an hour or so trying out to see what I could and could not do. Tommorow I shall go in for an appointment to talk to my gym instructor to see what he says, and in the afternoon we shall find if the weeks walking has equaled the usual weeks gym in terms of weight loss.

I intend to make the following suggestion to him. That I do nothing over the weekend to see if the knee will just recover and try again on Monday at the gym. If im alright by then, fabulous. However, if I still cant manage the cross trainer or the treadmill at incline, and if, and only if, the walking has paid off with weight loss...then I shall suggest that I take next week off entirely from the gym, and simply do the planned woodland walking...being careful not to make the knee worse (I dont see why I should wait more then three days for it to get better...I only have one more week of work...and I will go and explore the gorge whether the knee has got better or not.

Now if I get to the following monday...and I have been off from the gym a whole week, and I have done short woodland walks and the knee is no better....then I will make a doctors appointment...coz to have knee problems for a week and a half is riddiculous...but I shall also be returning to the gym, and I shall be going onwards, whether the knee has healed or not...I dont care about the pain, and the doctors will, I'm sure be able to tell me if its serious or not...but I suspect its not...if it was that when I twisted my ankle in London...I wouldnt physically be ABLE to walk (I hasnt to wasnt due to pain that I couldnt was because I couldnt get my ankle to go where I wanted it to was the most bizzare and frustrating week I had in London outside of breaking my fingers LOL)
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