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GOOD I hope White gives him a right bollocking for that disgraceful tirade...But I bet its also to do with spitting at the corner...thats what makes the knee look like foul can tell by his mindset at the end of the fight that he was playing dirty. There might be room for clean anger in MMA, but there is no room for dirty hate. For The Wolfslair to come out and defend his actions makes it even worse when all they do is try to say its all Jorges fault.

IMHO its time for him to be forgotten about for a good year or so, whilst the UFC should focus on other British fighters, and other Europeans instead. I'm not advocating dumping him...but it would do him no harm to fight someone on an undercard, on a Card with a HUGE name...or give him a nice four to six months before allowing him to fight again.

If he acts like a Child, Dana White should treat him like one...and the first rule is that you do not reward bad behaviour, and the second rule is that you must not be afraid to apply the sanctions as long as that bad behaviour lasts. Publically to say that he will launch Disciplinary Procedures must be followed up. Dont threaten the sanction unless you intend to follow it up...but then I dont think Dana White would have mentioned it unless he was going to do it...because in other situations where big stars have acted badly and have not been thus reprimanded...he's kept quite and not said he will follow the disciplinary route.

Bisping deserves what he gets.
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