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Default Bench Press your body weight

In the gym I attend, we've been having some bench press challenges. The first one to come up was "How many times can you bench press 100lbs?". We called it the 100/100 challenge because the goal was to get 100 reps. I got to 91 yesterday. That's my personal best.

Then we added the NFL Combine challenge. 225lbs. I tried that last Monday and got 15 reps. I'll try to beat that this Monday.

Today, I competed in the "How many times can you bench press your own body weight?". Some of the smaller guys came up with this one as an answer to our 225 challenge. They want to make it "fair". Two of the 165lb guys managed to get 20 and 25 reps. Today, I did my body weight (195lbs) and got 29 reps.

Screw those little guys!

I'm curious how many other people on here can get.
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