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Hey Chuck sorry I went crazy on you You are awesome and I really enjoy your posts and respect your thoughts.

I can relate a bit to you

I am 25 years old my oldest son is 9 my daughter is 6 and my GF is about 5 months pregnant with our third baby.

I remember when we where 15 and we had our baby. People would always whisper about us specially when we where at Wal-Mart or anywhere in public. Mostly older people They would always ask us if it was our little brother and would seem depressed or sad when they found it was actually our baby.
isn't it awesome proving people wrong ...

we were 22 like chuck and wouldn't change a thing ... parent/teacher interviews are best when the teachers have to ask if we are the parents or older siblings .. and the other "older" parents looking at us as if we were crazy .. it's a great feeling knowing you done changing diapers at such a young age ....
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