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Default Clay Guida: Anthony Pettis' title shot won't be coming after June 4


"We've fought a lot of guys with hype behind them. We train harder. We want the best guys because then we get to put on the best shows. Vegas is where I do my best work. June 4 is going to tell the tale. After June 4, he's not going to get a title shot. I'm impressed with his never say die attitude. I think his opponents respect him too much. He doesn't have the experience I have. He hasn't trained at the places I have -- Jackson's, Gilbert Grappling, Midwest Training Center. He hasn't fought the wars I have. He's super confident right now, but I'm going to stop that wave."
Anthony Pettis may have impressed the entire world with his "Showtime off-the-wall" kick against Ben Henderson at WEC 53 back in Dec. 2010, but don't expect Clay Guida to give him too much respect because of it. "The Carpenter" thinks that's been the problem with Pettis' previous opponents but he won't be following that pattern. He's been around the block too many times and been in far too many wars to stand in awe of anyone at this point in his career. Simply put, Guida feels his training and experience will carry him to victory over the dynamic Pettis at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale on June 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. But is that going to be the case? Will the caveman steal "Showtime's" title shot? Or is the Duke Roufus trained Pettis destined for greatness? Sound off, Maniacs.
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