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Originally Posted by Max
First off Dave its not just our cause the cause of all the countries who stand with us. Second you seem to forget that the US have military bases all over the world. Not all of the countries in which we have military bases agree with the war in Iraq but we still will get supplies from those bases to help fight the war.
Those are in your allied Countries Max...No Allies...NO BASES!

...I think those countries who allowed you to use them and were not in favour with the war didnt react for two reasons...first, by the time the Invasion was complete, the UN had decided the war was alright after all...secondly...they fear you...your bases are already well established in your allied countries, getting you out might not be easy for a country not as powerful as yourself...but there are places you havent go to the Eastern Block...not letting you in, in the first place is far easier done.

Besides...I already pointed out, one thing that helpped the US greatly, was the fact England, another power on the Security Council backed you up. Theres not much chance against a powerful union like that, that the UN would be able to do anything much about putting sanctions on those countries that help you...thus...why not help? We substantiated your cause to the rest of the world, we played as your advocate in Europe and in the United Nations...all I'm looking for is for some of you to recognise that you NEED friends and that OUR losses are worthwhile..

DONT pretend that this was everyones cause...Afghanistan maybe...but where you lost support from the world after 9/11 was with the sudden switch and jump to Iraq. That largely is your war, rather then everyones.
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