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I am disapointed Bisping who does give it, didn't take it so well.

perhaps he will think more carefully in the future. I'll say it again though - those stream of video's and their tone and manner are more attacking than a real angry video message.

I saw at the weigh in Jorge screaming "pussy, pussy" at Mike before he even got steamed up - why even say that against a fighter.

He attacked core issues as a man and I understand without condoning what Bisping done.

It really aint that big of deal. Embarrass all of England - do give over.

A man after a fight made a few taunts, spat on the floor and called obscenties to guys who called him obscenities back.

Unsavoury, yeah, not ideal, yeah - could he act better, yeah. Embarrassed a nation - get out of here.

They have a right to set the story straight, Bisping apologised, what does Wolfs lair have to apologise for? I havent seen them do anything wrong? What shame did they bring other than shed some light on why Mike was so worked up.

Not everyone can hold it together and have the marvellous temparement others have. Moreover, what happens, you mock me for 3 months, relentlessly, we fight - alls well.

Whislt I appreciate being the bigger man, acting humble (Matt Hughes style) is the best way sometimes this is very hard to do.

Sometimes we don't see how hurtful this can be - look at Ali and Frazier - yeah good old Ali who called Frazier everything from an Gorilla to a uncle tom.

The media and public laps it up but not seeing that Fraziers son has to endure abuse and taunts for this. I am just saying I can understrand Bispings posistion and he has let himself down but lets not make it bigger than it is.
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