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For me.. I have always called him Baby Jay... I meant it as a "put down".. referring to him being like a child when he loses.. and just as immature when he wins... It's similiar to me always referring to Anderson Silva as "Andy".. or always calling Kevin Ferguson by his given name...rather than "that lame sounding streete name"... just my own little insult...

"Baby Jay", "Excuse Machine", "Whiner", whatever.. I have actually received a few PMs over the years..."Why the hate?"...

So I just decided to be as public with my new found respect... as I have been in my insults to Penn as a person... Or maybe I am wanting to suck up to Miss Foxy!!!

To me the way you address a person shows the amount of respect you have for them.. Matt Hughes.. will always be "Da Man".. or Matt... he has earned that.. just like Chuck, Randy, Rich and a bunch of others..

But Penn.. I have always put down... punching a cop.. quitting on the stool... running from Matt..whiner, crybaby... bringing his Mom to the NSAC hearing to testify... so from now on.. he is Penn..
Thank ya, thank ya very much....
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