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in my book....From now on.. the MMA fighter formerly known as Baby Jay... will now be known as Penn.. in my book.

I have always thought Penn was really good in the cage... but I never liked what he had to say in interviews and his "after fight" actions have always left me with a "whatever"..

But recentlyl. he has "matured" in my eyes... his actions after his win over Hughes at 123... His public face over the past two months.. bringing Matt down to train with him... and just as important.. his own words following the draw at 127...

No more "Baby Jay" for me... He is now Penn.. Not his biggest fan in the world... but definately not a hater anymore....

And I am sure he will sleep better tonight for my change of heart...
but that is what BJ stands for ... so calling him baby jay ain't a bad thing ... i am sure his mom still calls him that ...
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