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I just watched the fight for the first time last night. Indeed a tough fight to call. It's not a robbery or anything, as I've seen much more lopsided affairs go to the apparent 'loser' many times. I had Fitch winning rounds 2 and 3, IMHO.

I will say I don't see the point of having an odd number of judges if two of them can make a 'majority draw'. What's the point of the third judge, if not for tie-breaks? Two ties & a win in my eyes is a win, period.

That's also the most beat-up I've seen BJ from a single round of strikes...he doesn't mark easily. Fitch wasn't just giving him 'pillow strikes' as some have said, you could hear many of the shots clearly and the elbows were brutal. I've seen judges give 10-8 for less, although there's no criteria written in stone for that.
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