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ok... I watched the fights on Sat night... having a few with friends... I went back and watched them on Sunday cause I missed a few good fights...

and tonight.. I watched them again....

going by my judging... I saw Fitch winning the fight.. "control" giving him the edge.. but I am not a MMA judge....

and I watched the knee that Bisping threw 4 times.... Jorge was no where near getting up.. if Bisping REALLY thought that he had the timing down so that the knee would hit as he got up.. he REALLY needs to work on his timing... and his timing on his strikes.. was pretty good...

so that means.. IMO.. he [Bisping] is a tool... or a fool...

as far as spitting at the corner men.. or on the floor AT the corner men... but are equally bad.. but he spit AT the corner men... as far as I see it.
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